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With 4 operating buildings in London, UK, one about to open in Rome and another in Berlin, Startup Home is working towards opening in US.

Startup Home™ aggregates coliving, coworking and incubation services, as a conduit to fostering entrepreneurship in secondary and tertiary cities, retaining talent and generating economy and jobs that stays in the territory. With a focus on Underrepresented founders, Women, Minorities and People of Color, Startup Home's mission is to generate social impact and diverse community development.
The objective is creating local Startup ecosystems to inspire diverse professionals to focus on the advantage of organizing, maintaining and scaling their operation while Startup Home provides all the necessary tools, mentoring and community driven elements to make personal and professional life a success.

Startup Home wants to foster the creation of hundreds of "hundred million dollar companies", and not just focus on looking for the unicorn.

Expanding the Narrative for Women, Minorities and People of Color

Startup Home™ is also addressing the systemic problem plaguing the investment and startup communities worldwide that does not provide adequate opportunities to women, minorities and people of color. With the mission focused on creating additional opportunities within the ecosystem to those demographics, Startup Home fills the opportunity gap that stagnates the startup and VC industry. While, simultaneously fostering a healthier exchange and growing talent by positively impacting communities and society at large.

Startup Home Network (as January 2017)

Startup Home is growing fast, and expanding even faster, from the UK to the US and more.

4 Buildings in London
(and 1 about to open in Rome)
93+ Startup Entrepreneurs
(45%/55% Female/Male)
25+ Different Nationalities
(and counting!)
4435+ Cups Of Coffee per Month
(not including Cappuccino)

What we can do for your Startup

Startup Home is a Startup Ecosystem that offers a plethora of services for Startup Entrepreneurs that want to thrive while growing local economies.


We offer a stylish and fully accessorized, affordable, possibly subsidized, co-living space for startup entrepreneur and make them thrive.


Work by yourself, not alone! The flexibility of Startup Home not just eliminate your commute, but also makes you more creative and immensely more productive.

Community Development

We build Startup Ecosystems in cities that needs to retain talent, working with the city itself, Universities and local incubators and accelerators.


Mentors are the secret weapons of successful Startups. Startup Home offers a growing network of experts, ready to help you move in the right direction.

Investor's network

Our growing network of Investors, from angel to seed to series, will have your Startup on their radar, and when the time comes, they will listen.


Monthly networking events, pitch competitions, hackathons, and more, makes Startup Home the place where to hang out with peers and investors.

Why Invest in Startup Home?

Investing in Startups with the safety and security of a Real Estate stake.

10.75% RETURN*

Average 15-year returns in the residential and diversified real estate investments outperform the S&P 500 Index, averaging 10.75%.*
(* return is not implied and cannot be guaranteed)

12 Months to break-even

At less than 80% occupancy, each property is projected to be cash flow positive in 12 months*. Sponsors and service then add extra revenues.
(* Based on UK data, not implied nor guaranteed)

Scale without Investing

Startup Home is creating a network of real estate assets across the US, so every investment will benefit from the scaling of the overall company.

We start with Philadelphia

Philadelphia population will grow +32.2% by 2025, and rental demand soars +18% per year.
+28% in VC funding since 2014

City and State Help

Most of the cities offers Innovation, Job Creation, Real Estate, Requalification and other Grants and Tax Credits.

Shape the future!

Investors, partners and patrons can see and guide the “next” technology, trend and innovation shaping in front of them.

Generating revenues from your unused assets.

Property owners and developers can take advantage of our successful model easily converting their spaces in coliving/coworking environments, fully managed by Startup Home.

Thanks to the experience maturated in London, UK, Startup Home™ can easily work with developers and property owners, transformng their real estate assets in revenue generating holdings, while positively contributing to forstering entreprenurialism fostering the startup ecosystem.

  • An experienced Architecture and Design Team
  • An adaptable solution for underperforming buildings
  • A seamless solution that generate revenues and value for your assets

With 4 buildings under management in our UK portfolio, and more on our European pipeline (Berlin, Rome, Milan and more) Startup Home is the best partner for your unused portfolio properties, with a safe return generating model and the security of an organization that is disrupting an industry.


For press and marketing enquiries, please email us at or use the Contact Form

Our Team

Meet the people who are making Startup Home happen

Stefano Tresca

Bestselling Author // Startup Cofounder+Mentor+Investor // Former Lawyer (Nobody is perfect!)
UK Founder and Global President

Stefano Tresca

Global President

Simone Tarantino - Executive Director USA

Serial Entrepreneur. Innovator. Strategist. Italian. Hard-core startupper. Investor. Advisor. Speaker.
US Executive Director

Simone Tarantino

US Executive Director

Donald Pollard

Visionnary Entrepreneur, Fierce Networker, Creative Professional, Savvy Business Opportunist.
US Business Development

Donald Pollard

US Business Development

Real Estate Professional
10+ years in the field
can sell ice to eskimos.

Lisie Abrams

PA Real Estate

Tom Dilsheimer

Real Estate Professional for 25+ yrs. Sold more than 1,700 homes.
Native Philadelphian.

Tom Dilsheimer

PA Real Estate

Avid Researcherer, traveller, expert in international relations.
Native Italian.

Leonardo Plebani

Community Leader

Created award-winning media properties, building $20 million+ digital revenue stream from the ground up in B2B and B2C spaces.

Richard Fairfield

Head of Sponsorship


Startup Home leadership is open to speak at events and panels, contact us for more information

Oct. 28, 2016 -    URBAN DESIGN SYMPOSIUM     (Philadelphia, PA): Keynote
Dec. 15, 2016 -   FOUNDER FACTORY     (Philadelphia, PA): Keynote
Apr, 18, 2017 -    TECH DAY     (New York, NY)
May, 05, 2017 -   2017 SUSTAINABILITY SYMPOSIUM     (Philadelphia, PA): Keynote
May, 21, 2017 -   PROPELIFY     (Hoboken, NJ): Community Hosts

Our Sponsors, Friends, Supporters and Partners

Startup Home™ is always looking for partnership with City Institutions, Universities and Businesses willing to support and endorse the growth of a Local Startup Ecosystem for their city.
For more information about how to partner with Startup Home, or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email us at or use the Contact Form

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Locations we are working on

Startup Home is working on opening 3 locations in Philadelphia, two in Pittsburgh and one in Harrisburg, PA.
The first one, Philly Germantown will open at the beginning of 2019.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a new project or simply something awesome, or you want to know more about co-living and co-working at Startup Home!

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195 Plymouth St. 6/6,
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  • US Toll Free: +1 (800) 691 1067
  • International: +1 (646) 248 6201